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Hearing loss is popularly related to advanced age. Though the chances of hearing loss do increase with age, but surprisingly, a high percentage of people with hearing loss are much younger than you think. Traffic, music, TV and machinery all contribute to noisy environments that can cause hearing loss – at any age.


Prolonged noise can damage your hearing - even short bursts of sound over 90 decibels can have an impact. Permanent hearing loss can occur instantly with unprotected exposure to sounds generated from any firearms and certain power tools. If your hearing is vulnerable to any sounds above 90 decibels, you need to take immediate action to avoid permanent hearing loss. Because once permanent hearing damage takes place, it can't be reversed.


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We at Professional Hearing Solutions are committed to improving your hearing and enriching the quality of your life. Our emphasis is actually on understanding your specific needs, and satisfying you with the hearing aid system that will serve you best. We carry a broad range of high quality hearing plugs with life-changing, advanced technology, available in an extensive variety of models, features and styles to fit your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. We're always available to serve you in Victor, Newark, and Canandiagua, NY.


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